Innatech Waste Management (Labuan) Sdn, Bhd. was established on 6 th July 2009 and the pioneer in Off-Site Storage Facility for Scheduled Waste in Malaysia and registered with Department of Environment Malaysia (DOE) and Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS).

This Off-Site Storage Facility was built to cater the vast amount of scheduled wastes generated especially from oil and gas industries in Labuan. Labuan is a well-known oil and gas hub for East Malaysia region. As an island, transportation is the main problem when dealing with scheduled waste. The only means of transportation to disposal centre (either to Trienekens, Sarawak or Kualiti Alam, Negeri Sembilan) is by sea. Unlike in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, any scheduled waste generated can be easily sent to disposal facility by land transport without the need for longer time of storage.

Some company only has an office on-shore or has a limited space. To rent or build a proper warehouse for their scheduled waste can cost a lot. This is why we provide them with an off-site spaces that they can use to store their scheduled waste. Since we are licensed DOE off-site storage warehouse, they don't have to worry about their scheduled waste because they know it will be handled properly according to our country regulation.

This facility consist of 2 parts, where a part will be used to store liquid waste and another part meant for storage of solid waste. The liquid storage area is separated from solid area with a bunding wall or retaining wall. This is to ensure any liquid spillage will not spread to solid or surrounding area. Our warehouse floor was design a bit slanting inwards to the middle so that any liquid spill of occurs will flow into internal drain that goes to sump pit by gravity. Each area has their own internal drain and sump pit. As for surrounding warehouse, we have 2 oil trap in our drainage system that will ensure that there will be no oil will pass through into monsoon drain if any oil spillage occurs outside our warehouse compound.


Primary containment -  Internal drain connected to sump pit                                         Secondary containment - Oil trap


The maximum capacity of scheduled waste allowed is 520 metric tonne at any one time and the maximum duration of scheduled waste allowed to be kept is 180 days from the day we received it.

The area of storage space (estimated) is 929.0304 square meter or 10 000 square feet located in 36 acre, Asian Supply Base. The whole area are concreted with fences and wall surrounded. It also equipped with safety, health and environment (HSE) requirement such as fire fighting system, sump-pit for spillage, eye wash station, emergency walkway, internal drainage system, oil trap, first aid kit as well as spill kit and cctv. The location is also guarded 24 hours by ASB.

We are also licensed by Department of Environment as a Scheduled Waste Transporter. This is to ensure that Scheduled Waste transported from Waste Generator premise to our premise using vehicles that meet the standard approved by DOE. All the vehicles are equipped with with all necessary ppes, safety equipments, spill kit and signage.  The driver and their rigger are well trained in case there is an emergency occurs. As for today, we have 4 prime movers, 1 side loader, 1 five tonne crane truck and 1 three tonne truck to ensure we can meet our client demand.

We are trying very hard to provide the best service to our clients. This means we have to be professional, efficient and fast with high quality of work and not to forget to protect the environment. To achieve this, we have combined our traditional management system with ISO 14001 environment management system so that everybody in this company, from normal workers up to the top management knows how important it is for us all to protect the environment that we are living in. We will always do the best we can to avoid any negative impact to the environment in everything we do.

Our services :

  • provide disposal service of scheduled waste to disposal center
  • provide recycle or recovery service to approved recycle/recovery center
  • provide legal transportation service for scheduled waste
  • provide legal off-site storage spaces for scheduled waste
  • provide packaging services for scheduled waste
  • provide on-site scheduled waste management services
  • provide drum crushing services
  • provide decanting services of scheduled waste from tank to appropriate containers


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