Long Time No See

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote something for public to read.

My last post was about 7 years ago. At that time I was actively blogging on opensource movement.

I'm an opensource "freak", if you want to call it. The main reason for me to actively involved in opensource was to open the mind set of our beloved Malaysian that there is an option that they can choose beside using a "pirate" copy of Windows Operating System.

At that time, "pirate" software is a norm in this country. To buy original Windows OS will cost you a few hundred ringgit. Not to mention other softwares, Microsoft Office Suite, Image manipulation sofwares, CAD softwares, Entertainment softwares, Games, etc. You will end up with thousand of ringgit. That is why most people choose for "pirate" softwares.

Not many people at that time knew that we have an option to use opensource softwares. You are free to use this softwares without paying a single cent. I don't blame them, they were born when MS Windows was the ultimate OS. They start using computer with MS Windows on it and grew with it. So, other OS will not synched with their brain.

I've been using Linux for more than 25 years. Either for personal use or for work. I don't have problem with it and it does the work I want it to do. I even end up writing several softwares and create my own flavour of Linux, based on Debian. I will not tell the name of the OS as I would like to stay anonymous on that. After several years, age and work start to take a toll on me. When you're getting old, time is your number one enemy.

I'm not going to nag you on opensource, but I'm back again with a different agenda. This time I will try to educate people on the importance of Environmental Preservation and to fulfill part of GSR requirement. We will talk more on GSR later.

Welcome back to me.


May 20, 2017 Category: General Posted by: shah
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